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TwoEcoLogic Life Events in Ojai!
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Redecorate and Remodel with Natural Earthen Finishes

Free Natural Building Presentation

 Thursday, August 13, 5:30 - 7:00PM

 and a

Hands-On Lime & Clay Plasters Workshop

Saturday, August 15th, 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Two Events:
Thursday, August 13th - Free Presentation - 5:30 - 7:00 PM - in Ojai

Living-Dinning RoomAlready well established in Europe, lime plaster and clay plasters, popular sustainable "green" interior and exterior finish plasters, are moving into the forefront of the green building scene as they have been selected to replace cement stucco, paints and finishes across the United States.

On Thursday, August 13th, Cynthia Grier of EcoLogic Life, and Carolyn Marie and Jack Stephens of Wild Earth Village Builders, are providing a free educational presentation on these environmentally safe and healthy options for home and office remodels, renovations and new building projects.  

Guest HouseNatural plasters protect walls from wind, rain and fire. They provide a beautiful, durable and non-toxic finish for interiors and exteriors that revive old world traditions from Tuscany to Tokyo.

Learn how these ancient methods have been continued in modern Europe and Asia. Discover how limestone comes from the earth, is transformed into plasters, applied on walls and turns back into limestone. Learn how clays from our own soils can be transformed into finishes with beautiful colors and rich, sensuous textures. Lime and clay plasters can even be sculpted or carved to enhance artistic expression. Eco Nest InteriorEarthen plasters are easy and fun to work with, easy to clean up, simple to repair and are completely recyclable too!

The World Health Organization reports that 30% of all US homes contain toxic levels sufficient to create environmental illness.

Natural plasters are completely non-toxic.

Concrete production is responsible for 8% of the human contribution to greenhouse gas emissions as each pound of concrete produced adds one pound of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.

For an average house, if you use lime plaster instead of portland cement, you will save between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per house.

Ojai Foundation Plastering

This presentation will be held on Thursday, August 13, 2009, 5:30 to 7:00 PM at the EcoLogic Life at 109 S. Montgomery St. in Ojai. This event is free to the public.

Saturday, August 15th - Workshop - 9:00 Pm - 5:00 PM - in Meiners Oaks

Hands-On Lime Plasters and Clay Plasters Workshop

The following Saturday, August 15th, the three presenters will be teaching a hands-on workshop in Meiners Oaks. Details below:

WHAT: Hands-On Lime Plasters and Clay Plasters Workshop

WHEN: Saturday, August 15th, 9am-5pm

WHERE: 136 S. Arnaz St, Ojai 93023 (Meiners Oaks)

THE DETAILS: This is a rare and valuable opportunity to learn the varieties and techniques of decorative and practical lime and earthen plasters. This course will provide an introduction to specifying, sourcing, mixing and applying lime and earth plasters and natural finishes over a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, both natural and conventional. The course will cover the basics of clay and lime, the use of locally harvested materials, a selection of natural finish products, pigments, additives and sealers. Participants will have the opportunity to mix and apply clay and lime plaster on both conventional and natural wall systems. The tuition is $80. Natural Building related books and other items will be available for sale - please bring cash to receive discounts on books.

WHAT TO BRING: Hat, lightweight gloves, lightweight long-sleeved clothing, water bottle, notebook, pen or pencil, sample of clay soil from your property, plaster tools you may own - pointers, putty knives, large yogurt lids, large sponges, etc. Stainless steel trowels are best for lime. Bring them if you have them. Some tools will be provided.

DISCOUNTS: "Friends and Family Discount" - bring a friend and you both save 10% off the workshop tuition; Work/Trade: if you can help with tools, materials or work beyond the workshop (finishing the projects in the following days/weeks) we can offer some scholarships.

INSTRUCTORS: Jack Stephens & Carolyn Marie are partners at Wild Earth Village Builders. Jack is co-founder of the Natural Building Network. Cynthia Grier is the owner of EcoLogic Life green design center.
Yemeni Art Gallery

REGISTRATION: Space is limited. Registration is required.

CONTACT: Jack Stephens: or 805.850.9751


Additional Information

For additional information about natural building products and these events please contact Cynthia Grier or visit For more information about natural building visit

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